Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glamour-boy trotting stars tested once more

The Canadian Trotting Classic at Mohawk on Saturday, Sept. 17, brings together another group of glamour-boy trotters, including the top Hambletonian characters, for another episode of division-title derby.  

Hambo-winner Broad Bahn is in the field, along with his division rival Manofmanymission. The latter has been performing much better than the former recently, being very strict with his stride and toppling all foes when he is on his best behavior.  

Last week Broad Bahn had it tough again, beaten by Daylon Magician, who was nowhere near the Meadowlands on the first Saturday in August. As well, he was the fan favorite and got up to please the crowd while the rest of the field practically lined up straight across the track.  

“Man” won his elim much easier.  

Mystery colts haunt this division lately. Aside from Daylon Magic’s sudden strength, Sim Brown got into the picture to make the final at 70-1. Imperial Court earned a berth here, seemingly racing way above his head.  

And the usual suspects return.  

Whiskey Tax was second in the Hambletonian and just won for us at 6-1. But that win doesn’t shake up this field too much. Dejarmbro seems to be tapering off from his early summer binge (he was not eligible for the Hambo).  

Whatever It Takes, our choice last week, was in the thick of the herd that could not beat “Daylon” last week. He was blocked and locked in, closing strongly. His work is cut out for him here.  

Chapter Seven has never been the same since his Hambo elim. He could not close fast enough after that race, took a rest, and returned with no signs of threatening the top of the class, including Blue Porsche. He was a monster before coming to America and then disappointed everyone by not making the Hambo final.  

Man should be the dead-on choice but considering how he has choked when it counts most, we will have to try to beat a low price. Perhaps Broad Bahn is ready to pull another wire-to-wire, timed-to-the-tee mile? He could do it and at a price like he gave us when we had him in the August classic (6-1). Remember that Man broke in the Hambo but did it in the stretch, giving an indication that Broad Bahn’s well-timed quarters shook him up.  

It’s a good scenario to back if the price is right.   

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